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The Ultimate Page Builder Companion

Elevate Your Page Building with OxyProps — the innovative WordPress plugin that integrates a sleek CSS framework, advanced custom elements, and smart context menus.

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Join the community of hundreds of developers and teams around the world who trust and use OxyProps with their page building workflow. Our innovative WordPress plugin is compatible with industry-leading builders such as Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder, empowering you to create stunning websites with ease.


Don't just take our word for it. See what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience using OxyProps to take their page building workflow to the next level.

A lot of value

This plugin deserves more than it was priced for. It’s price does not reflect its value.

Ismail Kina
OxyProps User

I can’t believe it

I can’t believe how much you have packed into OxyProps for such a low price! And, as always, love the videos; always showcasing some tidbits I hadn’t known about before. And love the creative build. It’s nice to see something different! Thank you for all your hard work on OxyProps and producing these awesome videos to go with!

OxyProps User

OxyProps is absolutely unique

The functionality of OxyProps compared to other solutions is not a matter of debate, I have automatically replaced the other options with something far superior like OxyProps. But if, in addition, you are interested in beauty when working, complete harmony and every detail taken care of, OxyProps becomes absolutely unique. Aesthetics is something that greatly enhances work and makes life more pleasant, that captivated me. But it’s often the case that when you have that level of attention to detail, it often comes with a similar technical quality. And if you’re grateful that the developer himself comes to your site on a Friday night to fix a little problem that arose during an update, that’s all there is to think about. OxyProps is a role model in many ways.

Leandro Ojeda

A tremendous time-saver

OxyProps is a game changer if you’re looking for an easy way to build scalable, responsive and future-proof websites. It’s also a tremendous time-saver thanks to the context menus along with on-the-fly previews. Talk about visual building! And it seems it’s just the beginning…
Make sure to watch Cedric’s YouTube videos — the learning curve is surprisingly short and as you’ll see, the sky’s the limit. Thank you Cedric, two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Alexei Kutsko
WP Speed Guru

My preferred framework

There are a lot of frameworks around lately and there is not one that can fit all needs, but if you care about support and the people behind the product, OxyProps is the main option in this moment. The developer is focusing in his product, listening to community and taking care of every part that he touch.
In this moment is my preferred framework.

Marco Rubiol
Marco Rubiol

There is no other better css framework

I don’t have web development or web design agency and mainly have started to use OxyProps to design my own websites. I think for a beginner to design websites, it will take some time to learn OxyProps and official youtube channel has helped me a lot. But as soon as you learn how to use it you will realize there is no other better css framework than OxyProps for Oxygen and Bricks builder users. Although it has been developed lately but in a short period of time many unique features have been added and completely has surpassed other css frameworks for Oxygen / Bricks.
Although it has been named a CSS framework but it seems it has some features which have been developed using javascript.

Sharif Payenda
OxyProps User

Improves your workflow

Oxyprops is a real professional tool based on a useful framework. But Oxyprops goes much more beyond that thanks to the contextual menus that will so much fasten and improve your workflow. After testing it you will have hard time not having it. So much impressed.

Thibaut Goarant
Agency Owner
Agence Kokoro

Awesome stuff

Awesome stuff.

I think your product is going to be the best seller in the Oxygen community. It’s fantastic.

Super speed support

Seriously, thanks for looking into my problem “à la seconde”💛 for all your support at super speed and your constant effort 👍 amazing product, amazing developer (and team of your’s)!!!

Petra Jovkov

Love it!

Absolutely love the plugin.

Rika Fouché
Business Owner
ERC Design

Dark mode made easy

Really amazing contributions to community sir… before this I was not even trying dark version or light version effect but from oxyprop is easy and fast

Shibu Pandit

I’m Excited

Die Entwicklung des Oxyprops-Frameworks geht mit großen Schritten nach vorne. Super!!!! Ich bin begeistert.

The development of the Oxyprops framework is making great strides. Great!!!! I’m excited.

Marco N

A well thought through system

This is a really nice system and it is well thought through. Darkmode with a lot of variations seems so easy now. Wonderful, thanks a lot for expanding OxyProps with such good benefits!

Ingo Wo

An amazing plugin

Looks like an amazing plugin, it takes oxygen builder to the next level.

Keleher Kevin

I’m loving more and more each day

Just bought my copy of Oxyprops, even though I have been using Oxyninja. Good stuff. I was gutted to miss out on automatic css ltd. But this Oxyprops seems equally capable for my needs. Am super glad I stumbled upon this. Now a tool i’m loving more and more each day. Your videos are very useful in helping me learn about both Oxygen Builder and Oxyprops. Keep them coming, Mister! You’re a good presenter and even better teacher.

Learn More Earn More
OxyProps User


I love OxyProps 🥰 ! We are waiting for a more or less definitive version to make a new review on our website for oxygen spanish speakers users. Oxyprops is moving very fast. In fact we are thinking of making an exclusive section dedicated to Oxyprops. In the link below we have a slight introduction of the previous version.

Juan Jose Gonzalez
Lead of Oxygenados community

Oxyprops takes CSS to a new level

Our conclusion after having tried OxyProps is that this plugin CANNOT be missing from your arsenal, in any way, we consider it essential and as we have already said, the combination remember – hydrogen – Oxyprops is the💣

Oxygena Dos
Spanish Oxygen Builder community
La Comunidad

Calculate Your ROI with Oxyprops

Discover how OxyProps can help you save time and increase your billable hours. Use our calculator to determine your return on investment by inputting your hourly rate and daily website building hours. Our plugin saves you time with advanced features and smart context menus. See how much you can save annually by reducing your workload and increasing efficiency with OxyProps.

Affordable Pricing for Long-Term Use

Costs less than your daily cup of coffee!

Less than 0.42€ per workday.

(based on agency lifetime plan, 20 workdays per month, 2years of use)

Save even more with our lifetime plan and enjoy OxyProps for years to come!

Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs

Get access to OxyProps premium features and elevate your page building experience.

OxyProps Personal
    ONE Website
    For Oxygen builder
    For Bricks builder
    1 Year of Updates
    1 Year of Support
    Yearly payment
39 €/year
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OxyProps Agency
    UNLIMITED Websites
    For Oxygen builder
    For Bricks builder
    1 Year of Updates
    1 Year of Support
    Yearly payment
99 €/year
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OxyProps Pro
    FIVE Websites
    For Oxygen builder
    For Bricks builder
    1 Year of Updates
    1 Year of Support
    Yearly payment
59 €/year
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OxyProps Personal
    ONE Website
    For Oxygen builder
    For Bricks builder
    Lifetime Updates
    Lifetime Support
    One time payment
79 €
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OxyProps Agency
    UNLIMITED Websites
    For Oxygen builder
    For Bricks builder
    Lifetime Updates
    Lifetime Support
    One time payment
199 €
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OxyProps Pro
    FIVE Websites
    For Oxygen builder
    For Bricks builder
    Lifetime Updates
    Lifetime Support
    One time payment
119 €
buy now
“Whether you're a freelancer or an agency, we have a plan that suits your needs. With OxyProps, you'll get access to advanced custom elements, smart context menus, and a sleek CSS framework that will take your page building workflow to the next level. Our plans include updates and support for one year or lifetime access, depending on your preference. Choose the plan that fits your needs and start building awesome websites with OxyProps today!”

— Cédric Bontems, creator of oxyprops.

Why OxyProps is the perfect match for you?

Whether you're a business owner building your first website or an experienced website developer looking for efficiency and time savings, OxyProps has got your back.


A Powerful Color System

With OxyProps, managing your website colors and color schemes is a piece of cake. Select from pre-built color swatches or define your custom ones from the plugin dashboard.

Design your website using OxyProps logical colors, also available as global colors, and your design will automatically respond to light & dark, or any color scheme you choose.


No More Typing

With OxyProps, using custom properties is now effortless. You no longer have to worry about syntax or losing time typing the prop name in value fields.

OxyProps' smart context menu makes relevant props for a specific field available with a simple click.


Light & Dark Versions Simultaneously

Design light and dark versions of your site simultaneously using OxyProps logical colors.

Your site is light/dark responsive "out of the box," and OxyProps adds a light/dark toggle to your builder UI, so you can easily make sure your design looks good in both versions.


Classes Navigation and Live Preview

OxyProps improves your builder classes list navigation with keyboard navigation and live preview of the class effect.

If you can't remember the exact class or are unsure which one to use, OxyProps has got you covered.


Rely on OxyProps Default Settings

Need to be up and running fast for your new website project? Leverage OxyProps default global settings.

When activated, OxyProps will redefine your builder global settings using OxyProps Custom Properties for every setting, from font stacks through fluid typography to colors and spacing.

You get a fully responsive settings blueprint that you can tweak to your liking.

OxyProps Screenshot showing default settings applied to Oxygen Global Settings
:where (figure) {
display: grid;
gap: var(--o-size-2);
place-items: center;

:where(figure) > :where(figcaption) {
font-size: var(--o-font-size-1);

No More Fighting the Framework

Say goodbye to hours of styling elements and fighting against the framework defaults built with extreme specificity or even !important rules.

OxyProps is built with zero specificity rules, so you can always easily apply your custom styles at a local level.

Comprehensive Design Options with OxyProps

OxyProps offers a wide range of design properties and utility classes that will enhance your Oxygen website design experience. Below are some of the areas covered by the plugin:


OxyProps includes Open Color, an open-source color scheme optimized for UI development. You can select pre-built color swatches or define your custom ones, and your design will automatically respond to light and dark modes.

Preview »

Colors Schemes

OxyProps Automatically Adapts to your website visitor Light or Dark  preference.

Enjoy our schemes switcher.

Preview »


Our layout props and classes will help you design your preferred layout in no time, and most of them are built to be naturally responsive.

Preview »


OxyProps Gradients can be used as background or text gradients.

You can combine them with noise and filters for enhanced visual effects.

Preview »


A selection of Inner and outer box shadows of several strengths to bring depth to your designs, and they adapt to light and dark modes.

Preview »

Aspect Ratios

Easily give an element the aspect you wish without messing with heights.
Available with or without object-fit: cover.
Preview »


A helpful set of props to style your texts. You can choose from fluid and static font sizes, leading and tracking, text orientations, and other typography properties.

Preview »


In addition to the familiar ease, ease-out, ease-in, and ease-in-out timing functions, OxyProps offers extra easings that mimic physics.

Preview »


Get premade keyframe effects to use as is or combined in your own animations.

OxyProps utility classes allow you to target normal, active, and hover states.

Preview »


You can use relative units, and fixed or fluid sizes, with no need for px.

Preview »


Everything you need to style borders is available, including width, corner radius, round radius, conditional radius, and a selection of blobs.

Preview »


Take control over the third dimension with Layers props and classes that bring all the z-index values you could possibly need.
Preview »

Media Queries

OxyProps is currently ahead of the CSS spec, offering named media queries with the @custom-media syntax. This feature is not yet supported by browsers but is ready for the future of CSS.

Preview »


OxyProps includes utility classes to convert your Oxygen text links to buttons. You can combine them with color props and animation props for awesome visual effects.

Preview »


There are two sets of cards utility classes matching your color theme. One uses surfaces and shadows to add depth to your design, and the other creates a glassmorphism effect.

Preview »

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may have some questions about OxyProps, and we're here to help! Check out our FAQ section for more information.

What is OxyProps ?

OxyProps is a powerful WordPress plugin that offers a collection of CSS custom properties, a Utility Classes Framework, Custom Components, and Builder features to streamline your development process. With OxyProps, you can create consistent designs, use light, dark, and color schemes, and save time in your development process.

What is OxyProps NOT?

OxyProps is not a pre-built design set. You won't get a library of sections, pages, headers, and other blocks. It's also not a builder UI enhancer, except for the context menu, which provides you with instant access to props in the editor value fields, and the light/dark toggle, which allows you to build both modes simultaneously.

Which page builders are compatible with OxyProps ?

OxyProps is compatible with Oxygen Builder and Bricks Builder. To make OxyProps compatible with a page builder, the CSS code must be modified to adapt to the builder-specific way to output code, a builder-specific "in-builder app" must be developed, and custom elements must be converted to the new builder elements API. While points 2 and 3 are 100% builder-specific, a large part of the CSS framework will work with any builder that accepts CSS variables and classes.

Do I need Oxygen or Bricks to use OxyProps

Yes, you do. While you can access the props and utility classes loaded by OxyProps in any WordPress environment, the integration features only work inside the supported Builders, and the props and framework CSS has been carefully designed for Oxygen and Bricks' way to output code.

Will other builders be supported in the future ?

While there is currently no plan to port OxyProps to other page builders, we may consider supporting other builders in the future depending on the community's needs. You can suggest your favorite builder on OxyProps Feedback Site.

You say OxyProps is built with Open Props. What is Open Props ?

Open Props is an open-source collection of web design tokens in the form of CSS Custom Properties that you can access on GitHub. OxyProps uses Open Props and extends it with additional custom props and a utility classes framework using the props.

If Open Props is Open Source, why should I purchase OxyProps ?

Even if you choose not to purchase OxyProps, we strongly encourage you to give Open Props a try. OxyProps was built from our extensive usage of Open Props in Oxygen since it was released in November 2021. OxyProps adds additional props to extend the core set, a large utility classes library built on the prop collection, Oxygen AddOns to make the props available right in Oxygen Builder, and will first save you hours of troubleshooting, and the hours of searching and typing. With OxyProps, you get additional features and support to enhance your development process.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee for OxyProps. If you're not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply contact us through our website's live chat widget or by emailing us at within 14 calendar days of your purchase date. We'll process your refund as soon as possible, and within a maximum of 14 days using the same payment method you used for your purchase.
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